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Luis Arnal

Director, in/situm

Field Stories from Latin America: Considerations for Design Researchers

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Maria Giudice

CEO and Founder, Hot Studio, Inc

Can’t We Just All Get Along? Human-centered Design Meets Agile Development

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Colleen Murray

Design Strategist, Jump Associates

Setting Research Targets: Using a Scenario Planning Process to Envision How the World Might Change

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Laura Seargeant Richardson

Director of Design Strategy & Research, M3 Design

Deconstructing Design

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Liz Sanders

President, MakeTools

Co-Creation and the New Landscapes of Design

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Rob Tannen

Director of Research, Bresslergroup

High-Definition User Research

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Miguel Gomez Winebrenner

Senior Consultant, Cheskin Added Value

Maximizing Design and Innovation by Keeping a Pulse on Multicultural Audiences

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Indi Young

Consultant and co-founder of Adaptive Path

Mental Models: Sparking Creativity Through Empathy

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