About The Conference

We are excited to announce the IIT Institute of Design's 9th Annual Design Research Conference (DRC) on May 10-12th 2010.

The 2010 DRC will be held at the Spertus Institute in downtown Chicago. It will feature exceptional international speakers and opportunities to spend time with our brilliant community of designers, planners, researchers, educators, students, managers and executives concerned with understanding people.

Join us this Spring in Chicago

Registration will open 1 February.

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NOTE: The conference web site at www.designresearchconference.org is temporarily out of service. In the meantime for questions about the conference and registration, please call us at 312-595-4910, or email drc AT id DOT iit DOT edu. -- April 13, 2010

Design Research Has Won. What’s Next?

Design research is now recognised as the leading way to understand people. Now stripped of its niche status, the field of design research faces new challenges: professional integrity, technology, communication, integration, and new markets. How can it protect its professional integrity as it expands? What methods will new technologies allow and which methods will be swept away? How can design researchers communicate findings through experiences rather than reports? How do you ensure that research is truly integrated into the design process? How do you conduct research in difficult environments?

In its 9th year, DRC will be a conversation about the new frontiers of design research. It will host the world’s most compelling stories about the human condition and unmet needs. It will be a stimulating place to learn the most innovative new research methods. It will address the challenges facing the industry head on. Finally, it will continue to explore how design research can help us address the grand challenge of bringing meaningful things into the world.

Still wondering why you should come? Send us an e-mail at drc@id.iit.edu

A Taste of 2010

Tim Brown, CEO and President, IDEO

Tim Brown is on a mission to get human-centered design accepted at every level of business. "The myth of innovation is that brilliant ideas leap fully formed from the minds of geniuses. The reality is that most innovations come from a process of rigorous examination". As CEO and President of IDEO, Tim Brown carries forward the pioneering firm's mission of fusing design, business and research to help companies to create exceptional innovations. He has won numerous design awards for his own work and has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Axis Gallery in Tokyo, and the Design Museum in London. He is an acclaimed speaker and prolific writer, both for the Harvard Business Review and on his blog. His new book, Change By Design, tells how design thinking can transform organizations into places that truly understand people's needs.

Heather Fraser, Director, Rotman School of Management's Designworks and Design Initiative

Heather Fraser is training the next generation of executives in business design, empathy and deep user understanding. She is the Director of DesignWorks™ and Rotman’s Design Initiative, and adjunct professor of Business Design at the Rotman School. Heather leads the research and development of Business Design methods and the infusion of design thinking into the MBA program. She also heads up DesignWorks™, a centre for design-based innovation and education which delivers executive workshops and project counsel to companies around the world. Heather brings 10 years of research and business design at Procter & Gamble, five years on global brand campaign development and agency management at Ogilvy & Mather, and 10 years building TAXI Advertising and Design as principal and executive vice-president of Business and Strategy.

Don Norman, Co-founder, Nielsen Norman Group

Don Norman is the champion of human-centered design. “The well-rounded product,” says Norman, “will enhance the heart as well as the mind, being a joy to behold as well as to use.” He is the co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, professor at Northwestern University and has been Vice President of Apple Computer and an executive at Hewlett Packard. He has worked tirelessly to help companies produce enjoyable and effective products and services and is well known for his classic books “The Design of Everyday Things” and “Emotional Design.” His next book will be about sociable design, and will argue that simplicity is not a silver bullet - the great challenge is well designed complexity.

...and many more speakers, workshops and content to come!